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Monday, 12 November 2012

Mystery Monday - on the design wall 16 blocks

Up on my design wall are the 20 blocks I have done so far.  Sorry my design wall only so big and I can only fit 16 blocks on it.

I have been mixing and matching and this is what I have so far, not sure I will keep this arrangement (it seems too obvious for me) I'll move them around some more after dinner.

okay, I used my dinning room table, which still is not big enough to layout the 20 blocks in a different design...

It does make it hard to really have a good look at the design...hmm will have to look tomorrow for a very large piece of cardboard or something to use as a portable design board...Yikes... not sure which design I like, but will keep mixing the blocks up.    I want to have a piece of 3 inch sashing to separate all the block and increase the size of the quilt, so I most definitely need more room.

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