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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

I love my Sunflowers - save on plastic wrap !!! Cook without oils or fats !!!

 Okay, I'm not talking Sunflowers, as in the "flower kind", I got the coolest things to share with you all...(drum roll please).. these are "my sunflowers"... silicone lids.... (they come as a two pack).

I am not going to begin to be a copy writer but this is what the information tag says, "they seal tight on all smooth rims, stainless steel, glass, plastic and melamine."

They are from the fabulous creator  Charles Viancin  and as he said, "inspired by nature."

I originally purchased them while in Vernon and have been using them ever since, we have been also taking the set with us camping for various drinks outside (I got ordered more from the Internet and got them today).  YAHOO!

My husband can tell you how much he likes them for his glass of wine, especially when enjoying this tasty beverage while outside - no bugs get in your wine!  Who needs the competition (imagine a bug trying to drink your wine, NOPE not gonna' happen)!

I am actually suspending this by this tab - which has created the suction on the glass (just to give you the idea).

4-1/4 inches in diameter on the sunflower

 The Lily Pad - Lid 8-1/4 inches in diameter.
suspending the bowl with lid over my chair.

This is the actual picture on the packaging (you get the idea).

Apparently it saves on plasticwrap; it can be reused and reused and reused!

Just check out the website  and see all the great fun stuff!

Happy shopping.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Cheryl Arkison - Sunday Morning Quilts

I had the pleasure of meeting the very talented  Cheryl Arkison

The Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild and the Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild hosted this great evening, and we were all inspired by Cheryl's great trunk show. 

She brought a fabulous collection of quilts featured in the book.  You could feel the buzz of excitment in the room while we all listened, learned and started thinking of what we could all make was all very creative.  

Cheryl is the co-author of  the book called, Sunday Morning Quilts .

Inside this wonderful book you will find 16 various quilting ideas, and as the book cover states; "Sort, Store and Use Every Last Bit of Your Treasured Fabrics."   

the book...Sunday Morning Quilts
Me and Cheryl, while she was "signing" my copy!  How cool is that.  A signed copy.  YAHOO!!!!

Cheryl's trunk show was filled with a wonderful collection of "wow" quilts, that have been created by using their treasured fabrics, and she gave us some great idea's of  how she stores and categorises all her scraps etc.

Her trunk was full of quilts (various sizes) that she and her co-author, Amanda Jean Nyberg made and compile in there book.  These are just a couple of pictures of the quilts she brought.

It was a great evening and I have been inspired by her work, and promise to continue in my own quest to organise and think of using my scraps, bits and pieces of left over fabrics and try to re-create my interpretation of their projects.  Thanks to both ladies for writing and creating this book, and a special thank you to Cheryl for this evenings trunk show.

Make sure you check out these ladies websites and blogs by using the following links, and be inspired.  and  for Amanda Jean Nybert

Thanks ladies for writing such a great book, and I shall think of you both fondly, as the "scrap ladies."

To everyone who attended this wonderful trunk show, lets all get busy and as Cheryl and Amanda say in their book, your sunday mornings just got a hole lot cozier! 



Thursday, 18 July 2013

A Cooler Day Today - I'm doing the happy dance - I found it.

I found my LOST Post - I'm doing the happy dance....yes the happy dance.
Here goes:  my lost post - recovered - that makes me happy!!!!!!  yes, I know, I just said that. You get it, I'm happy.

Okay, I must confess that I am enjoying this wonder "cooler day today."

I am being amused at the moment by two beautiful hummingbird's who are playing amongst my Crocosmias plants that are just starting to open up.  They are dipping and  diving and feeding.  What a wonderful easy day it appears for them.

The view from my sewing room into my "maple garden" is glorious, and another reason to celebrate this great "cooler day today."

Okay, back to business, I have been working hard during the evening trying to get my Brother Brent's Quilt back done.  He lives way up North where it can get 45 degrees below zero - Yikes that's cold.

I have the front which is done, and now I want to show you the back - I made it like two quilts in one in which it's actually reversible.

I created the moose as the middle and 13 large log cabin blocks.  Every thing will be sashed in black, so that the 13 (his favourite #, and he's born on the 13th) will really pop!  Which was the plan.

I had this fat quarter bundle of Adirondack style prints and used it up. I am using up a lot of extra scraps too!  Yahoo I'm happy.    

His nick name as a kid was "beaver" and  I  just had to incorporated this as my label.  I'll try to think of something really clever to write on it prior to sending the quilt up to him.

Possibly something short and sweet for my Bro', like I love you, and hope this Quilt keeps you warm.



Next part...the sandwich and quilting ...

I'll keep you posted.
Thanks for stopping by.

A Cooler Day Today - Yikes, I just lost my new post I was working on.

I lost my first post - went off to cyber space somewhere, yikes I could use more experience in this blogging, new posts etc, and how to save as a draft.  Yikes, now I'm starting from scratch.

Sometimes the words just done roll off your tongue and your mind, and then to the typing fingers as fast the second time as they did the first.

Okay, I'll get my act together and re-post in a couple minutes.

Sorry, about that.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Recyle - Bunting Recycled

Who said recycling can't be fun, not me! I love to recycle, reuse and relocate items that can be used in various other ways.  It always brings a smile to my face when I recycle something.

My latest recycle project is made from the 

Original "bunting" received at the FVMQG 2nd Anniversary Party!

A bunting swap was carried out at the this great event for our Guild, and if you brought bunting, you got swapped a different bunting made by one of the other guild members.  

I received this strip of bunting which consisted of 17 bunting "flags" joined by brown bias tape.  There are 4 various prints in shades of brown, pink, hot pink and white.  It's full of great polka dots and prints of modern fun flowers.

The bunting was created by Sherri who was very clever and made her flags into prairie points (by folding the squares into smaller triangles,) so you could re-use the fabric if you wanted.  I think she had a great idea. 

When the in LQG (Langley Quilters Guild) got a request to create Baby (Preemie) Quilts for when the babies are being transported via helicopter etc. this strip of bunting came to mind.  I could recycle it and make a great little preemie quilt.  So off to work I went unpicking this 17 flag strip of bunting.

I have enjoyed seeing it up on my design wall for the last year as a strip of bunting flags, but it really looks great in the design I organised which is now on the design wall as a "recycled item."  Yahoo.

It's a very a simple pattern as the fabric speaks volumes.   

From the original strip of bunting I used 16 square and the remaining square will incorporated into the back.   I plan on  recycling the bias tape she used as the binding too!

Just a little update.  And yes, I have been practising on my wonderful new sewing machine "the beast."  

PS:  still not really sure I like his name, but I'll ponder it some more.

Just a little update.
Thanks for stopping bye. 


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

It's a BOY!

Yup it's a BOY - I just purchased (finally, I have been contemplateing this for some time). I did it!

It's a Jenome Horizon Memory Craft 7700 QCP Sewing Machine.

It features the large 11 inch x 7.4 inch work space.  It's complete with all kinds of bells and whistles and   Yes, it's a BOY!

Yes, you heard me it's a boy for me!  I always refer to myself as being a 'blue girlz' because frankly I'd rather play in the dirt, clean gutters and hanging with the guys.

            Pink is most definitely note my fav color (albeit I have some gal pals that love pink, and I am happy for them, but no so much for me).  I like blue.

I wanted to originally call him Brutus, because it's loaded with features, he's got some weight behind him, and he's a brute (referring to me because I was joking telling my husband that I was planning on using "brute force" if necessary to figure out how to eventually quilt a 'king size' quilt in my large 11inch neck opening).

But I am now reconsidering my name in that Brutus doesn't mean strong, dependable or even reliable.  Boo Hoo.  According to what I could find, it means, 'dull, stupid.'   Well to heck with this, as I don't want a dull needle or a stupid machine.  I've had those types of machines before, and considering how long it took me to save, and then ultimately go purchase my new beautiful boy, I want it called something exciting.  I'll have to put my thinking cap on.

My husband suggests, "the beast."  Hmm.... it's growing on me!    Yes I said, that's it, "The Beast"..

Meet "The Beast"  weighing in at 22 kg, featuring the AcuFeed System complete with dual feed foot, 250 stitches including 11 buttonholes, 3 monogramming fonts,  and much more.

I purchased the table that "the beast" will fit into for more work space (quilting table space) and the roller travel bag.

I am so very very very, did I say VERY excited and shall start to play with him tomorrow.

I'll keep you I make out... stay tuned....
Thanks for sharing in my excitement.
Deb, and "The Beast"