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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

I love my Sunflowers - save on plastic wrap !!! Cook without oils or fats !!!

 Okay, I'm not talking Sunflowers, as in the "flower kind", I got the coolest things to share with you all...(drum roll please).. these are "my sunflowers"... silicone lids.... (they come as a two pack).

I am not going to begin to be a copy writer but this is what the information tag says, "they seal tight on all smooth rims, stainless steel, glass, plastic and melamine."

They are from the fabulous creator  Charles Viancin  and as he said, "inspired by nature."

I originally purchased them while in Vernon and have been using them ever since, we have been also taking the set with us camping for various drinks outside (I got ordered more from the Internet and got them today).  YAHOO!

My husband can tell you how much he likes them for his glass of wine, especially when enjoying this tasty beverage while outside - no bugs get in your wine!  Who needs the competition (imagine a bug trying to drink your wine, NOPE not gonna' happen)!

I am actually suspending this by this tab - which has created the suction on the glass (just to give you the idea).

4-1/4 inches in diameter on the sunflower

 The Lily Pad - Lid 8-1/4 inches in diameter.
suspending the bowl with lid over my chair.

This is the actual picture on the packaging (you get the idea).

Apparently it saves on plasticwrap; it can be reused and reused and reused!

Just check out the website  and see all the great fun stuff!

Happy shopping.

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