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Thursday, 18 July 2013

A Cooler Day Today - I'm doing the happy dance - I found it.

I found my LOST Post - I'm doing the happy dance....yes the happy dance.
Here goes:  my lost post - recovered - that makes me happy!!!!!!  yes, I know, I just said that. You get it, I'm happy.

Okay, I must confess that I am enjoying this wonder "cooler day today."

I am being amused at the moment by two beautiful hummingbird's who are playing amongst my Crocosmias plants that are just starting to open up.  They are dipping and  diving and feeding.  What a wonderful easy day it appears for them.

The view from my sewing room into my "maple garden" is glorious, and another reason to celebrate this great "cooler day today."

Okay, back to business, I have been working hard during the evening trying to get my Brother Brent's Quilt back done.  He lives way up North where it can get 45 degrees below zero - Yikes that's cold.

I have the front which is done, and now I want to show you the back - I made it like two quilts in one in which it's actually reversible.

I created the moose as the middle and 13 large log cabin blocks.  Every thing will be sashed in black, so that the 13 (his favourite #, and he's born on the 13th) will really pop!  Which was the plan.

I had this fat quarter bundle of Adirondack style prints and used it up. I am using up a lot of extra scraps too!  Yahoo I'm happy.    

His nick name as a kid was "beaver" and  I  just had to incorporated this as my label.  I'll try to think of something really clever to write on it prior to sending the quilt up to him.

Possibly something short and sweet for my Bro', like I love you, and hope this Quilt keeps you warm.



Next part...the sandwich and quilting ...

I'll keep you posted.
Thanks for stopping by.

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