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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

It's a BOY!

Yup it's a BOY - I just purchased (finally, I have been contemplateing this for some time). I did it!

It's a Jenome Horizon Memory Craft 7700 QCP Sewing Machine.

It features the large 11 inch x 7.4 inch work space.  It's complete with all kinds of bells and whistles and   Yes, it's a BOY!

Yes, you heard me it's a boy for me!  I always refer to myself as being a 'blue girlz' because frankly I'd rather play in the dirt, clean gutters and hanging with the guys.

            Pink is most definitely note my fav color (albeit I have some gal pals that love pink, and I am happy for them, but no so much for me).  I like blue.

I wanted to originally call him Brutus, because it's loaded with features, he's got some weight behind him, and he's a brute (referring to me because I was joking telling my husband that I was planning on using "brute force" if necessary to figure out how to eventually quilt a 'king size' quilt in my large 11inch neck opening).

But I am now reconsidering my name in that Brutus doesn't mean strong, dependable or even reliable.  Boo Hoo.  According to what I could find, it means, 'dull, stupid.'   Well to heck with this, as I don't want a dull needle or a stupid machine.  I've had those types of machines before, and considering how long it took me to save, and then ultimately go purchase my new beautiful boy, I want it called something exciting.  I'll have to put my thinking cap on.

My husband suggests, "the beast."  Hmm.... it's growing on me!    Yes I said, that's it, "The Beast"..

Meet "The Beast"  weighing in at 22 kg, featuring the AcuFeed System complete with dual feed foot, 250 stitches including 11 buttonholes, 3 monogramming fonts,  and much more.

I purchased the table that "the beast" will fit into for more work space (quilting table space) and the roller travel bag.

I am so very very very, did I say VERY excited and shall start to play with him tomorrow.

I'll keep you I make out... stay tuned....
Thanks for sharing in my excitement.
Deb, and "The Beast"

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