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Friday, 14 June 2013

Brother "Brent's Quilt"

Brent's Quilt

My brother Brent needs a quilt. That's my story and I am sticking to it.

He lives where the winters can get very cold (most probably around 45 below).  Yikes it does get cold where he lives.

I attended, along with some ladies from my guild (LQG) the CQA show last month in Penticton.  

It was a great group of ladies and we had lots and lots of fun.  What goes on in Penticton, stays in Penticton.  Yikes, right ladies?  Boy oh boy girl's can have a lot of fun when we all relax.

While attending the wonderful show of the CQA, I was able to see the very talented quilters, and quilt artists etc.  They are all so talented.  I am completely in awe of their talent. That is for sure. 

I was walking around and found the area of the Canada Quilts of Valour (QOF), and was most impressed with the wonderful fabrics.  I found some of them and purchased them from one of the vendors in the vendors mall, as I wanted to make a quilt for my brother, Brent.

 I found some corresponding fabric (batik), that I really liked.

designing the top blocks. Leslie spotted this wonderful "Canada" batik fabric when we were at a quilt shop in Kelowna to add to the others I had.

the green fabric is from my Kona staff of solids I have

I purchased the maple leaf and the moose fabric from the vendors mall at the CQA in Penticton.

Okay, two columns done with the black sashing in between.

close up

Putting things together with the sashing

3 columns sewing together with the black sashing between.

Moose, moose and more moose, oh "Canada"

I have been playing around with various blocks and have come up with these blocks so far. 

  I will use wool batting and then try and be really clever and make him some type of fun backing.  I want to add a large, very large moose (appliqued I think) on the back of the quilt.  I have been drawing and enlarging the ones I have.  I don't have this part completely figures out yet.  It needs more work.   

My hope is that the moose on the back will be large and make an impression.   I have a wonderful friend who I am hoping will add some embroidery to the large green blocks on the quilt - maybe some moose paw prints and/or maple leave designs.

I'll keep you posted with my progress, as I hope to work more on his quilt tomorrow. I need to have this finished soon, so it can be delivered to him, by our other brother, who will visit him at the end of July.

As Brent would say, "moosin yah"

Happy Quilting, and thanks for stopping by.

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