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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

El Centro, California SUNSHINE

Our Adventure Journal
Hello to all...  (this is a very late post, sorry)

I've been away as mentioned in wonderful El Centro, California and must admit, I am having a very hard time getting my feet planted back on home soil and back to my regular life (not the lazy vacation Life).  I'm attempting to begin the process of catching up.

I had the very best of intentions, I was going to get all kinds of things in my sewing world accomplished while away.  Just think, I told myself, of all the time off I'll have to sew.

In my large wicker basket I package and organised all all kinds of projects, and stowed them away very carefully in the basement of the Merryacht (our motor home)'s always the "but" that gets me in trouble.

      Confession: almost nothing got done in the sewing/quilting department.  In my previous blog I started the place mats for the table in the motor home, and that's about as far as I got.

     Instead, my adventures included sightseeing, bicycle riding, trips to Yuma, and happy hour, or should I say happy hours (as in plural and lots of them), golfing and ice-cream socials.  These events are all optional, participate if you like, or don't participate.  You decide.  We'll we decided to participate and meet a lot of wonderful people while doing so.

Our motor home was parked along the fairway of the first hole on the executive 9 hole golf course.  There was a beautiful sunset each night right out our front room window.  Nothing could be finer for us.  We kept repeating ourselves stating, "a sunset never seems to get boring, just more exciting."

The picture below is of a sunset on March 3, and as always things were looking wonderful, and then all of  a sudden a cloud arrived overhead. It appeared to be looking upon us, and we noticed it seemed to have a face looking down on us (see the picture). It only stayed a short while and then moved on.

The view from our motor home  front window

The wind came up and a cloud came by (do you see the face looking down on us in the cloud?)

Within about 10 minutes the wind slowed and the cloud color changed again to tones of rose/pinks.  It was really quite beautiful.

A great couple we met named R and S (our dun buggy buddies) - call it "Happy Camp" and we whole hardily agree.  Happy Camp it is!  PS: thanks again for the loan of the truck, so we could purchase our BBQ that was so greatly needed. 

We enjoyed the luxury of meeting many people with the assistance of our wonderful friends Dave and Cathie, and all those who welcomed us in, and shared their RV'ing knowledge and assistance.

We have created "our adventure journal" to journal all the fun adventures, places and great people we meet along this new journey in our "Merryacht" (aka: class A 38 foot diesel pusher motor home).

We look forward to many more adventures in our Merryacht (it makes us merry, we like the Marriott Hotel and it's the size of a yacht (38 feet), hence our name, "merryacht," and there are 2 of us, so visit our blogspot:

Happy RV'ing to all of you out their, and hopefully some sewing/quilting along the way too.


My Wonderful Husband and me

Our "Merryacht"

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  1. Hi Debbie. One day I'll get to California again. You two look wonderful!