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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A wonderful Quilt Shoppe in Kamloops

I was away on the weekend in Vernon, at the Creative Chaos (I'll talk more about this fabulous artisan show later), and on my return trip home, I stopped in Kamloops at a wonderful, very friendly quilt shoppe called:  Katja's Quilt Shoppe (  Katja the owner of the shop was on a day off, but I did get to meet Carla and the staff at the shop.  It's a busy place.

"Where your quilts come to life!"
I love this statement she makes, printed on her business cards.

Inside the store...  if you look to the left of the picture (I should have taken a closer picture) you will see a rack and they have Fat Quarters hunging from the pegs on it.   The fat quarters dangle from the top tab that has a hole punched in it to hang from the peg.   A very COOL idea!  You  get a much better look at the whole fat quarter . 

Carla and I in front of Katja's Hexi quilt top

Katja's Hexi Quilt (top) - awesome, bright and very exciting.

My purchase several pieces ....ah! what to make next.

 I found the piece of Canada Beaver fabric just as I was walking out the door.  Guess what, I had to have a piece of it too. I'm out of control.... I've started to make a quilt for my brother Brent , I'm calling it the moose quilt.  When we were kids, we all seemed to have a nick name of sorts and his was "Beaver."

I will incorporate this piece of Beaver fabric  in the quilt for him.

I left Katja's Quilt Shoppe a very happy gal!  I was using my creative brain all the way home, on what to do with all the pieces of fabric I purchased.

hmm...most probably won't have enough, and need another quilt store trip....hmmm

Happy Quilting
PS...I bought a pin before I left too!


  1. OH I love that hexie quilt with all of the Comma collection fabric in it. Lovely! thank you for sharing!! Janelle

  2. Hi Debbie. Nice of you to feature the shop. Have a great week!

  3. Hi Debbie,
    Thanks for the lovely mention in your blog. Sorry I didn't get to meet you on your visit. Maybe next time?!