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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Challenge - yellow, blue & silver

My participation in the 10th Anniversary Challenge for our Guild (Langley Quilters' Guild)

Criteria:    Make what you wanted
Colors:     Yellow, Blue and Silver only  (no other colours could be used).
Size:         160 cm maximum

Fantastic I thought yellow is my favourite color and I love daffodils too!

I created 10 daffodils of various yellow fabrics (1 for each anniversary of the Guild), added various colors of yellow crystals and some silver beads to them just for a little bling.

I made the lining out of various shades of blue and yellow log cabins, then sandwiched and quilted it. I added a little strip of silver fabric to the edges just prior to joining them in an effort to reduce the bulk on the side seams.  I sandwiched and quilted the otter shell of the bag with a very stiff interfacing and thin yellow fabric.  I wanted the outer shell to stiff, and once I put them all together my bag literally stands up on its own.  It's very stiff.

I added a tab inside the bag complete with a hook to attach my keys to (so I can find them, instead of searching for them all the time like I do in my purse).

... see the silver rope and dark blue fabric I used to separate the vinyl bottom with the top of the bag.

A close up of some of the daffodils.

I made log cabin blocks and joined them to make the lining, and then quilted them to create a stiff bag.  I also used very thick interfacing my friend Janie put me onto. Wow this stuff works really well (great stiffness), my bag literally stands up on it's own and stays open.

Helmut, Janie's husband found this little Silver Sunflower. I used it for the pull tab on the lining pocket zipper
my key holder...

Dark blue rick rack I wove through the chain for the handles.

The back of the bag (I left plain on purpose).

close ups

10 daffodils on the front

Close ups....

Happy Quilting and thanks for stopping by.  Hope you like my bag too!

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