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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Oh a "Bunting" we will go!

Bunting - what can I say, I have never made 'bunting before."

It stands for excitement, celebration and all around FUN!

I have engaged in making some, not that I am any good at it, but here is what I have done.

Above  - see beginning stages, cut two pieces and sew right sides  together. Trim point and them carefully reveal the point. Press - top stitch ( in my case with black thread)

 Once you have as many flags, bunting as you require.  I top stitched my flags/buntings, and then I started to attach them to the double fold bias tape (I used a 3 yard piece of black double fold quilt binding bias tape).

I left approximately 1 inch between the flags/bunting.

 I have pinned the flags/bunting to the bias tape.
Get it ready for sewing to the bias tape. Once positioned I stitched them together.  Not sure if this is how you are supposed to do it, but it's how I did it.  Yahoo.  My first strip of bunting completed.  I hope the ladies like it.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Quilting Retreat


Currently planning a 3 - Day "Rock n'Roll 50's - 60's Happy Days" Retreat for Quilters in our Guild

I  have volunteered to assist in the planning of a "Rock n'Roll 50's - 60's Happy Days" Retreat for some 50 ladies in November.  This has kept us all very busy these days.  I love it, but am feeling bad because I have put my own projects aside.  I am very excited about this event and can't wait for the date to arrive.  It will be a great fun time for all.

The theme is obvious for 50's (most commonly know is the poodle skirts, bobby socks and saddle shoes, and of course Peace & Love for the 60's).  You get the idea.   We are also hopeful that some of the attendee's will dress up and join us for the Faux Sock Hop on the Saturday Night.

It is our goal to  keep them busy and entertained, while leaving them enough time to work on their own projects.  There is a secret sister project, a 12-1/2" block they have to make, and a name badge.  These handouts have already been issued to them.

I am limited of course to what I can say about the Retreat, as we want to keep most of the details as a surprise.   I will share them all with you, but it will not be until after the event.

Okay...back to more sewing, coffee break is over.

PS:  I am hopeful this long weekend I can get to some of my sewing/quilting projects....I need to make some 'bunting' but have never made it before...Yikes, must look for some ideas on this too...

Thanks for listening...

Quilt til you drop.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Jelly Roll Race

Okay everyone I tried my first Jelly Roll Race, although it really is not a race when you do it by yourself.
Wow, this is far more challenging than I thought. I was trying to see how fast I could get the strips all sewn together.   It took me 1-3/4 hours to do start to finish.  I sure don't know how the lady I heard took only 35 minutes ever did this.  As I was mentioning to a friend, "she's a miracle worker."

 The "Stripz" Set   3.5 yards 2-1/2" strips  called  "PEACEFUL PLANET"

45's are done and trimmed, and now I am starting to sew the strips together.  This is very very long....the first two strips took a long time to sew together, but after this is goes faster and keeps getting shorter in length, as you create what will become the "top" for your quilt.

and more they are coming together to make the top

 Close up of finished top, pined to design wall
 A closer picture of it up on design wall. I pressed it quickly also.

Okay, I must admit it really was fun, and I love the way it turns out without being clever it seems to all look awesome, as if you planned it that way.  

This would be a really fun project if you organize a "sewing date" with your "quilting sisters."  By the end of the date, you'd all have the top of a quilt finished.  It would be a great couple of hours sewing together and having a little friendly competition too!  See who can finish the fastest and having a ton of laughs while sewing like crazy.   PS: don't forget the dessert, tea and'll need to keep up your energy....

I'll try and get it quilted fast....  

hmm...possibly another race in the works!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Kona Modern Quilts Challenge

Wow, I just received a piece (1/2 yard cut) of the new fabric for Robert Kaufman by Cynthia Frenette and entered into the Kona Modern Quilts Challenge.

Here is the piece I received: Kona Modern Quilts:  ACK-12809-102 Merlot do you have a glass of "merlot" while trying to know to help you to relax and get your creative mind working...hmmm   I'll have to think about that...probably best to stick to the "merlot fabric" only."

The Challenge reads:  add only other Kona Modern Quilts prints or Kona Solids.  Please do not add any other prints.  Make whatever you like with the fabric, project to be completed for October.  Photo's will be taken to show the team at Robert Kaufman.

A girl could go wild with this...

It's up on my 'design wall' and I am off to purchase some Kona Solids, Yahoo.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Winning Flowers

I just have to share these "beautiful flowers" that I won tonight at a Guild Mtg.  Cathy graciously donated them as a door prize, and what an awesome prize to win.  I have taken various pictures of all 3 sides to give you a sense of the colors in the arrangement.  Thanks Tons Cathy, I am a lucky gal and will enjoy them.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Project Finished

My first quilting magazine I subscribed to is "Quilter's World."  On the cover of the July issue I received was their version of Drunkards Path.  I made it and modified it slightly to what I wanted.  Here it is on my design wall at the beginning tags of it.  My design wall is a very small space.  I work in my Laundry room, so I do my best with the space I have.  A girl has to do what a girl has to do.  

I changed it up a bit and added the extra row on the 4 colours trying to make it appear as if it was turning the corner on top of the fabric, while the others went underneath the fabric.  Not sure I accomplished what i was hoping for, but it was great fun.   I also made my sashing around the edge in the same "bleeding hearts" fabric by "Free Spirit". This is a really great quality fabric, and is becoming a favourite. 

The quilting is just a simple meandering.

Here it is with the binding on it.  I selected black binding 

I did not have enough fabric to complete the back in one color.  I used a variety of left over fabric from making the quilt for the back.  

Hope you enjoy my finished  project.