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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Jelly Roll Race

Okay everyone I tried my first Jelly Roll Race, although it really is not a race when you do it by yourself.
Wow, this is far more challenging than I thought. I was trying to see how fast I could get the strips all sewn together.   It took me 1-3/4 hours to do start to finish.  I sure don't know how the lady I heard took only 35 minutes ever did this.  As I was mentioning to a friend, "she's a miracle worker."

 The "Stripz" Set   3.5 yards 2-1/2" strips  called  "PEACEFUL PLANET"

45's are done and trimmed, and now I am starting to sew the strips together.  This is very very long....the first two strips took a long time to sew together, but after this is goes faster and keeps getting shorter in length, as you create what will become the "top" for your quilt.

and more they are coming together to make the top

 Close up of finished top, pined to design wall
 A closer picture of it up on design wall. I pressed it quickly also.

Okay, I must admit it really was fun, and I love the way it turns out without being clever it seems to all look awesome, as if you planned it that way.  

This would be a really fun project if you organize a "sewing date" with your "quilting sisters."  By the end of the date, you'd all have the top of a quilt finished.  It would be a great couple of hours sewing together and having a little friendly competition too!  See who can finish the fastest and having a ton of laughs while sewing like crazy.   PS: don't forget the dessert, tea and'll need to keep up your energy....

I'll try and get it quilted fast....  

hmm...possibly another race in the works!

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  1. well there it is!!! Good for you! I like the colours.