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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Quilting Retreat


Currently planning a 3 - Day "Rock n'Roll 50's - 60's Happy Days" Retreat for Quilters in our Guild

I  have volunteered to assist in the planning of a "Rock n'Roll 50's - 60's Happy Days" Retreat for some 50 ladies in November.  This has kept us all very busy these days.  I love it, but am feeling bad because I have put my own projects aside.  I am very excited about this event and can't wait for the date to arrive.  It will be a great fun time for all.

The theme is obvious for 50's (most commonly know is the poodle skirts, bobby socks and saddle shoes, and of course Peace & Love for the 60's).  You get the idea.   We are also hopeful that some of the attendee's will dress up and join us for the Faux Sock Hop on the Saturday Night.

It is our goal to  keep them busy and entertained, while leaving them enough time to work on their own projects.  There is a secret sister project, a 12-1/2" block they have to make, and a name badge.  These handouts have already been issued to them.

I am limited of course to what I can say about the Retreat, as we want to keep most of the details as a surprise.   I will share them all with you, but it will not be until after the event.

Okay...back to more sewing, coffee break is over.

PS:  I am hopeful this long weekend I can get to some of my sewing/quilting projects....I need to make some 'bunting' but have never made it before...Yikes, must look for some ideas on this too...

Thanks for listening...

Quilt til you drop.

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