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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Okay it's Wednesday December 19 and it's snowing.  Yahoo  - it surely does get you in the Christmas spirit.

Here is the view from my sewing/laundry room looking outside, and I must share these pictures with you.  They are taken through the window I look out of, so they might not be as clear as usual.

The maples have lost all their leaves obviously and are now trimmed with snow.  

Snow is beautiful when it is falling and untouched.  But around here it does not last long, and will turn to that rainy slushy wet stuff, that is not so great.  So I am going to enjoy it while it's here.

I'm going outside to play in the snow...okay maybe not. I'll just watch from my window.

Maybe you have snow today as well.  Have fun watching or playing in it too!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Cushion Cover/Pillow finished...

Okay, I purchased my zipper today and finished my Cushion Cover/Pillow for my sewing room chair.  Yahoo.

I am very excited, albeit a day late, about getting this done. I keep calling it a pillow but in reality I guess it's a cushion cover/pillow.  You get the idea.  I guess it really doesn't matter what you call it.  I'm just happy it's finished.

I had purchased a full size pillow from Walmart and decided to "cut it up."  Yup, that's right "cut it up."  Why not I thought, I'll cut the exact size for my  project and use the left over stuffing and bits for my next project.

Okay, here it is 'cut up' with the extra stuffing hanging out...

Here is the pillow I am using for my project- cut and re-sewn at the top.

Adding my zipper to the back

Zipper complete 

Yahoo it even works....

The underneath side of cushion/pillow top quilted....

All sewn and turned right side out, Yahoo 

Zipper open and see inside of cushion cover (now need to stuff with the pillow part...

Finished - looking pretty....

The zipper closer for easy removal of cushion cover

My cushion/pillow, on  my sewing chair...
Hope you like it.

UFO Tuesday - almost finished project

Okay I goofed up!  I had every intention of putting a zipper in the back of my pillow, but forgot to purchase it.  I got so carried away with making the front and then doing the quilting, that I just simply forgot.  Yikes sorry, too much on my mind.

Cynthia Frenette did a presentation at our Langley Quilters Guild in October and I purchased a few pieces of fabric from her. She brought some of her fabric to sell at the presentation.  I really like the spools of thread (511590kc - CLRV2) on this small piece of fabric.  I knew from the start I wanted to make a pillow to us on my sewing chair.

  I trimmed the "thread block" with tone on tone (lime green and darker lime green spots), and then framed it in with hot pink

 Starting the quilting

Top of the pillow quilting finished.  I also played with a bit of 'free motion' and tried to make it appear as if there was thread twisted up.  Yikes, need more practise with the free motion part.

I will run out and purchase the  zipper tomorrow and show the complete "completed pillow" tomorrow.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Mystery Monday - on the design wall

I love love love this group of fabrics (a variety Kona Solids, Bella Solids, along with various
Northcott Prints from the Groovin Line) that I love love love, okay enough already, did I say LOVE LOVE LOVE!  Okay, I'm guilty.

I started playing around with these fabrics to make various small blocks(quadrants) that would eventually make a larger block.

I found another great block in my Modern Blocks Book (99 Quilt Blocks) called "Boxed In," which was designed by Faith Jones.

I have played with a few combination and this is what I have come up with......

The light grey and one of my prints from the Groovin collection by Northcott.

A few more color combinations, and a completed block.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

UFO Tuesdays - another Un-finished Object Completed

Okay, I have completed a little UFO I started a while back when I won a Journal and some fabric at the FVMQG  2 Year Anniversary Sew-in.

I won a yard of thrifted Marimekko Home Decor Weight Fabric and a hard covered journal.  I previously posted about this great win, but have used the fabric in something else I am making.

As for the hard cover journal, I did set it aside until we purchase a Dutch Star Motor Home and decided I would use this journal to keep track of our travels in the new motor home we call the "Merryacht," because it's large like a yacht and makes us merry when we are in it.

I found some really great camping/camper fabric on line and purchased it to create a cover specifically relating to the journey with our "merryacht" and have now completely covered the journal.  I even created a little pocket in the back to hold my pen, as well as an elastic and button closure.

  Yahoo!  My covered Journal is done, and I am really happy about it.  I hope you like it to. Thanks Debbie

Monday, 12 November 2012

LQG - BOM (block of the month) Evening Chapter

BLOCK OF THE MONTH - Leaf - October 2012

Each month our evening Chapter organizer announces what she would like us to make as a block.   She decided to make them a 12 inch block and as mentioned each month will be a different theme.

This is a paper piecing pattern I purchased on line.  The download was incredibly easy and fast, once I paid, it was at my email address in a flash, which was great because I was very excited to get started.

I am not sure if I will set the block square or on point.  I will have to wait until all the blocks are made, although at this point, I am not sure how many blocks the ladies of the evening chapter at our Guild have decided are in the project when it is complete.

I must admit, think I am really starting to like paper piecing.  The more I do it the easier it becomes...okay that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I am now on the hunt for the next block for November which is a star.

Mystery Monday - on the design wall 16 blocks

Up on my design wall are the 20 blocks I have done so far.  Sorry my design wall only so big and I can only fit 16 blocks on it.

I have been mixing and matching and this is what I have so far, not sure I will keep this arrangement (it seems too obvious for me) I'll move them around some more after dinner.

okay, I used my dinning room table, which still is not big enough to layout the 20 blocks in a different design...

It does make it hard to really have a good look at the design...hmm will have to look tomorrow for a very large piece of cardboard or something to use as a portable design board...Yikes... not sure which design I like, but will keep mixing the blocks up.    I want to have a piece of 3 inch sashing to separate all the block and increase the size of the quilt, so I most definitely need more room.