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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Vernon's - Creative Chaos

My trip to Creative Chaos in Vernon this past weekend;  Wow I have a marvellous time with my sister Shelly.  We went to the show, volunteered for the Garden Tour, went to her Zumba Class and managed to go on a Thelma and Louise style Wine Tour in her fast sports car.  It was a fun filled and packed weekend.

Here are some of my finds:

Stoneware Pottery by Laura  Vanderlinde.  I fell in love with this combination, to use for chips/dip, fruit/dip, just about anything together or each alone.  Love Love Love them.  Visit her web site at :

I love "dots" and swirls too!!! 

 These beautiful hand made bowls are even 'beautiful' on the bottoms. Made in Canada, which is even better. 
GARLIC - Dill Pickled Garlic - fantastic   "Everything tastes better with goodness of garlic"  I agree with Gail Szolosi  who's the owner of Goodness of Garlic, (she has this statement printed on her busines card).  located in Forest Grove, BC.  visit their web site at

Sterling Silver earrings (sorry can't figure out how to turn picture around, I've done it twice and it still seems to get inserted in this format. I'll work on figuring this out later,but you get the idea). Earrings by Between Friends.  

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