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Friday, 19 July 2013

Cheryl Arkison - Sunday Morning Quilts

I had the pleasure of meeting the very talented  Cheryl Arkison

The Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild and the Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild hosted this great evening, and we were all inspired by Cheryl's great trunk show. 

She brought a fabulous collection of quilts featured in the book.  You could feel the buzz of excitment in the room while we all listened, learned and started thinking of what we could all make was all very creative.  

Cheryl is the co-author of  the book called, Sunday Morning Quilts .

Inside this wonderful book you will find 16 various quilting ideas, and as the book cover states; "Sort, Store and Use Every Last Bit of Your Treasured Fabrics."   

the book...Sunday Morning Quilts
Me and Cheryl, while she was "signing" my copy!  How cool is that.  A signed copy.  YAHOO!!!!

Cheryl's trunk show was filled with a wonderful collection of "wow" quilts, that have been created by using their treasured fabrics, and she gave us some great idea's of  how she stores and categorises all her scraps etc.

Her trunk was full of quilts (various sizes) that she and her co-author, Amanda Jean Nyberg made and compile in there book.  These are just a couple of pictures of the quilts she brought.

It was a great evening and I have been inspired by her work, and promise to continue in my own quest to organise and think of using my scraps, bits and pieces of left over fabrics and try to re-create my interpretation of their projects.  Thanks to both ladies for writing and creating this book, and a special thank you to Cheryl for this evenings trunk show.

Make sure you check out these ladies websites and blogs by using the following links, and be inspired.  and  for Amanda Jean Nybert

Thanks ladies for writing such a great book, and I shall think of you both fondly, as the "scrap ladies."

To everyone who attended this wonderful trunk show, lets all get busy and as Cheryl and Amanda say in their book, your sunday mornings just got a hole lot cozier! 




  1. Lucky you! I just love her book and am waiting for the next one : )

    1. Carla, seen her new book too! There was some copies available at this lecture, but I got the one I really wanted. Maybe another time I'll purchase the "month of sundays." It was awesome to meet her. Great lady. Busy too!