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Thursday, 8 November 2012

De-stashing, what does this really mean

It was the Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild's "de-stashing" event at our Meeting tonight.

De-Stashing what does it really mean to "de-stash" your stuff - down size your sewing / quilting fabrics and notions.  It does not matter if you call it recycling or trading in ... De-Stashing means many things to many people. What does de-stashing mean to you. How often should you de-stash?  Once, Twice or several times a year...hmmm  It gets you thinking....

It was my 2nd "De-Stashing" since being a part of this Guild, and it was more exciting for me this years as I was able to participate by bring items from my sewing room to "de-stash" with.

Prior to attending this Guild I had never heard of the term "de-stashing."   I believe it follows along the same lines as a "another man's junk is another man's treasurer," only this relates to sewing and quilting.

It was only just about a year ago when I attended my first "de-stashing" event with this Guild.  As a relatively new quilter I did not bring anything to add to the pile of de-stashed items, as I really did not have much to offer.  I was fun to watch all the ladies dig in and find some awesome treasurers to take home.  The ladies were kind enough that once they went through the items, anything left was up for grabs to us ladies who had not donated anything.  So I snooped a bit and found a couple of magazines on 'paper piecing' and a few pieces of fabric and brought them home.

A YEAR has passed and the notice came out that we were once again going to have the "de-stashing" evening.

I was really very excited to participate as I now had items I could de-stash with.  You always seem to have some bits and pieces left over from various sewing and quilting projects.  Why not participate and do some  'de-stashing' of my own.

I got my large plastic bag and quickly filled it with items to bring. Much to my surprise while I was cleaning and filling the bag of stuff I was planning to bring, I came across the very bag that still contained the items I got last year.  Yikes, I gasped, what the heck are you still doing in this bag.  Bad girl I told myself.  I quickly added these items to bring back.  Okay, so now I am taking items back from last year that I have not even looked at, much less used. I could not believe that these  items had been taking up valuable space in my little sewing room for a year.  This was not good I told myself.

I kept thinking about these re-found items and got to thinking that not only was I de-stashing, but "re donating" the very items I got last year and never used.  Does this take de-stashing to a new level or what?  Hmmm

On the drive to the meeting I  gave myself a stern talking to, and told myself I would give these items back along with all the items I had in my bag!  I told myself this several times on my drive to the meeting.

As the ladies arrived at the meeting they all seemed to carry bags, and bags of stuff...and more bags of stuff.
The tables were pushed together and all the "de-stashed" items were dumped on top of all the tables (very large piles of sewing quilting stuff).  It's like a dream come true, piles and piles of fabric, little bits of fabrics, big bits of fabric, buttons, ribbons, purse handles, patterns etc.    All kinds of goodies before my very eyes, and I kept telling myself I would not take anything.

I volunteered to take pictures , as the ladies got ready, on your marks, 1 - 2 - 3 GO!  There was an excited  frenzy in the air, and busy hands and fingers lifting, turning and examining everything on the tables.  FREEBIE'S GALORE!

I was smiling and taking pictures of the ladies having a great time collecting.

Hmmm, I wonder just how many of them went home with an old shopping bag full of new goodies... Enjoy and have fun creating with all your new de-stashing...

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