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Monday, 28 January 2013

Sew and Paint Landscape - Kourageous Kids Quilt

This past Saturday I took a class that was being presented by our Guild (Langley Quilters' Guild).  It was titled "Sew and Paint Landscape."

It was a last minute decision to attend this class.  I was talking to Wendy on Wednesday night meeting,  and when I saw the samples of quilts painted for this class, and after she said the class for Saturday still had some spots, it all came to me.  My head was spinning, and I was thinking hmm I could apply this technique to a quilt I need to create for the Kourageous Kids."  This quilt is due in March, and it's already the end of January, yikes, I'd better get started.

Our guild (as part of the community quilts programs) creates quilts based on drawing created by children who are ill.  Their drawings are used to create a Calendar each year that features each month a new picture created by one of them. We celebrate the struggle they all have endured by creating a quilt to match this drawing, or one that is inspired by the drawing.

I received notification that I had the Month of July from the 2013 Calendar to create.  This particular picture was drawn by a 3 year old boy who lost his bigger brother the prior year.  I felt , and still do feel honoured to create something for this wonderful program.

It's a very interesting picture, and it has certainly posed some problems for me, as a new quilter on "how to recreate or use his drawing in my design."  So having talked to Wendy my mind went yahoo I could use some of the techniques that would be outlined in this class, to help create my quilt.

I arrived at the class very excited to get started.   Here is July 2013 Calendar picture drawing;

My goal is to make a lap size quilt for him.   I have started the centre portion of the quilt (using the painting  technique I learnt this weekend in the class).

What you see below is the process of what I learnt at the class. It was a great class and again thank you to Joey and Wendy.

First you cut and sew your landscape fabrics. Then you cut your batting and backing and sandwich it all together.

Then you trace/draw your silhouette, using freezer paper or quilters chalk pens or something of this nature.   Now you free motion quilt around the silhouette, and then quilt all the background prior to any painting being done.

I never got to any of the actual painting in the class as I was busy quilting and getting my quilt centre done, and time just ran out.  It's funny how time fly's when you are having fun!

I started the painting part yesterday (Sunday), and added a bit more quilting to it, as well.

The painting part is great fun, and I am going to try other painting on quilts, now that I have some proper brushes and paint.

I started by using various Kona solids to create the  landscape which  represents my land, mountains & sky.
I  traced my silhouettes of  2 boys and a balloon on top of the front.
I tried to get a better picture so you could see how I traced my silhouettes on my quilt top (It has all 3 layers together now).  Thank you Lana for lending me your chalk pen (white) which worked awesome.  I will be purchasing these for future use for sure.

Now you sew around the silhouettes and then you quilt the background, and the other parts of your landscape (all the back ground around your silhouettes essentially).

A close up of the quilting I did.  You can see the 2 boys (one is holding the balloon, which will represent the 3 year old who drew the picture for the July 2013 drawing, and the other represents his big brother).

A close up shot of my quilting.

The balloon will hold a miniature picture of his drawing.  My plan is to have this colour photocopied onto fabric and then cut it in the same shape of the balloon.    

The first silhouette painting 

The second silhouette is painted which represent the boy who drew the picture.

I have more painting to do and will follow-up with the next part which will be the only colour on this middle section of the quilt (inside the balloon).

Then I will create all the borders with all the colours in the drawing.
Hope you like it.  It's been a cool project so far, and there is much more to do.  I am hopeful it all turns out the way I envision it to be.   I'll keep you posted as it progresses.
Thanks for stopping by.

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