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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Seriously on a Saturday

Seriously, no joking!   When I woke up this morning the sun was starting to appear through my sewing room window, and it made me happy, very happy, and it seriously got me in a very motivated mood.

On my sewing counter I have had for more than 3 weeks (okay, yes it's probably longer than the 3 weeks too) my "old" electric heating pad" with a very worn out cover.   I have looked at it, and keep thinking I need to make a new cover.

Well in my serious mode this morning, I just grabbed it, removed the cover, cut the cover up!  Seriously, Yes!  I cut the cover up.  Now I have to do something about it.

I have had this awesome piece of fabric hanging around (like so many others), that I love, but have done nothing with it.  Then it came to me, what an awesome cover this would make.

The fabric is....(drum roll please)....Opal Owl by Tina Givens for Free Spirit  I love Free Spirit fabrics from Westinster Fibers.  They always have great designers and bright fun fabrics, and when I look at this fabric and the Free Spirit lines in general they always make me smile.

I was hording this fabric, because I really like it, and was just not ready until today to cut it up.  Seriously, you know exactly what I mean - we all have more than 1 fabric that falls under this category  "LOOK but don't CUT!    Okay, I have way more than 1 too!   The Owls on this fabric are bright, fun and zany, and as I mentioned make me laugh.  They are comical and full of whimsy.

Old worn out cover (pale yellow flannel)

Introducing the "OPAL OWL"  which as mentioned is totally Zany and Fun!
I am not good with free motion (I seem to be avoiding it because my skills are lacking), but I love doing my own thing with my sewing machine.  I seem to be able to maneuver it easier.  So I played and added some easy quilting on the front piece of the fabric, which I had sandwiched with batting and another piece of the same fabric as the backing.  

Front Piece  (12 x14 inches) all quilted and then I cut a piece of the same fabric and size , and with the rights sides together I sewed a 1/4 inch seam around the three sides (leaving the top open), trimmed my two corners and turned it inside out.

I have now sewn the front to the back  with rights sides together, trimmed my corners and now just need to turn it inside out, and add a little 1-3/4 inch piece of binding to finish the top.  This should give me a nice finished edge/opening to put the electric heating pad inside my bag.

I have added a simple binding strip all around the bag.

I am loving this little pink Clover  Wonder Clips  (check them out here:  they are fantastic and they really hold your binding securely. 

My binding at the top of my bag is finished.

Cover completed and stuffed with the little heating pad.  It's done, off my counter and I am seriously HAPPY about it.  I love it and hope you do too.
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