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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Travel Swap

Travel Swap - you might ask what is a "travel swap."   Well here goes, as this is my first every travel swap.

Our Modern Guild (Fraser Valley Modern Guild aka  FVMQG), did a swap with the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild  (aka VMQG).

My partner assigned was Karen, and the idea was you complete a Travel Swap Questionnaire with details/information about yourself, example: what are your favourite colours, when you travel what is your favourite thing to do, favourite fabrics,  is there a specific travel elated item that you're in need of?   You get the idea...

Yesterday we had a "Sew-In" and exchanged with our partner's the Swap items.  It was a pleasure to have shared my sewing area with ladies from the VMQG (Lorraine, Sonja, Felicity and Stacey) whom I had never met before, and Cathy from the FVMQG. Cathy, it's always a pleasure gabbing with you.

Karen my swap partner unfortunately had to work, so I did not get to personally give her the item I made for her, but I got the one she sent for me, and YES, I am happy!!!!

Karen put a lot of thought and work into this and I sure am happy about it.  It will be great to take while travelling. 

Some of the questions we got asked as mentioned (this would give each of us some type of idea of what our partner liked, disliked)  re: my favourite colors are yellow, turquoise and purple, I had no request for a specific item, but did mention that we have just purchased a motor home, and we hoping to travel a lot in it.  She nailed it!  A portable - big sewing  case (it has everything) in a compact size.  Yikes, she is good. 

Rambling... for us when Ramble along in our motor-home.

Included yellow embroider floss, 2 spools of purple tread, needle/pin keep complete with 3 yellow headed pins.  

Great little "pin cushion" with the yellow bird.  The back ground fabric is of measuring tape - very cool.

Here is the band that goes around it, once folded up to keep everything extra secure while not in sure.

Even a portable pin and needle keeper idea (my scissors) 

Everything needed in a portable compact size, great for travelling.

 I put the pair of scissors in to give you the idea of what this "v" was for - awesome idea.

Quilting is in turquoise, purple and yellow thread.

Love the way she added the 2 spools of thread held on by a cord that loops over a button (yellow button) for security.

  Okay, this binding is so cute with the pins, gotta love it. 

Karen thank you so much for the awesome Travel Swap Sewing Case, I love it! 
You put a lot of thought into it, and consistently carried my favourite colors throughout the complete item, which I truly appreciate. 

I sure hope you like what I made you.

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