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Monday, 24 September 2012

Kona Modern Challenge - Update

My "Kona Modern Challenge" continues.... 

Okay back on the 7th of September when I was first discussing this challenge I was not entirely sure what I wanted to make with the piece of fabric I received  (Merlot designed by by Cynthia Frenette for Robert Kaufman).  I was thinking about making a bag of some type, but not exactly I went looking.....

and...while doing so I found and decided to make a purse.  The one I selected is designed by  Janelle at   

I purchased the PDF Pattern and am sure glad I did.  She has explained everything in such complete detail, along with lots of full color pictures which really does's just amazing all the work she has put into this pattern to make it easy to sew.....

  The Emmaline Bag Pattern

Original piece of fabric received called "Merlot" in the Cynthia Frenette collection.  I did also purchase some Kona Coffee (1083) for the straps and bottom of the purse.   I did start cutting the fabric at the Sew In and got it started, and now I have completed the straps for the shell ..see below my progress to date...

  cutting the pattern pieces 
       cutting more pattern pieces

 start sewing the straps for the shell

 sewing more straps..

Made 4 straps and added square rings

pin straps to the purse shell pieces

sewing the straps to the shell pieces

Yahoo 2 straps with square rings attached on front & back pieces

sew sides and attach the bottom piece 

bottom attached now press and top stitched.  

 the lining is attached turned inside out, pressed and pinned.  Now I need to do the top stitching, and make the handles....

As for the top stitching part, I really need to focus and concentrate on this...yikes, top stitching is not my thing... so I'll practise I  really want to do a professional looking know neat and tidy! 

I also need to sew the handles and attach them through the square rings which I hope to get completed tomorrow.... 

I hope you like my purse so far...I love it, and am very excited to get it finished.

I am hoping this purse tomorrow will become part of my UFO-Tuesdays and instead of it being an "Un-finished Object" it will become a FINISHED OBJECT!   

Thank you for stopping by....

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