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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Blog list ....what should I follow next!!!

Blog, Blog, Blog....

Okay let's talk blog's...who should I follow, what do I like, what interests me, and what can I learn from a blog..that's my criteria for snooping, following, watching, or what ever you want to call it!  Blogs are GREAT!

Super Great if you ask me (okay, you are right, no one was asking, I'm just saying).

I will speak only for myself, everytime a see new blog, I get excited.

I like to change up the "list" of blogs I follow, it's not like buying a new pair of shoes. They  don't all start off great,, and then end up awesome, sometimes it's the original ones you liked that come full circle and are back on your "list of blogs I follow."

There are so many FANTASTIC blogs out there, you can continually be inspired and in awe of what these wonderful people are doing, and or saying in their blogs!

"Thank you" to all these  incredibly talented people who love to SHARE!   You are appreciated, and keep up the good work.  I thank you for sharing your talents, loves, and dreams etc, with who ever is reading your blogs, and me too!  You are in essence making someone else smile, laugh and/or learn while reading your blog (they make me smile too!).

Being that I am new to blogging there is just too much to learn in my lifetime, so I plug along with what I know (not much when it comes to blogging).

I seem to be searching and reading more and more various types of blogs and want to share some of them with you.

Go ahead, step out on the wild side and check some of them out.

Explore....the world of blogs.

Check out the following blogs (maybe you already follow them);   she created an awesome "dinosaur word" quilt for her kids - really cool   Amanda seems to present all things beautifully  Wow, what an artist   Ree is always up to something!  I've been watching here for a long time, and she lives on a working Ranch (check out her dog)....  She's got it going on!   Yikes she's good at rejuvinating old junk (as she states).

Have fun, and don't forget to forward any of your favourites I should check out.

Happy blogging to all.

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