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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Life can be busy....sometimes

Maple Garden Quilting Studio wants to say a big warm heart felt "hello to all." 

It has been a while... (be nice, no yelling), we are got in the way.

Yes, it's true, and there is really no clever inventive way we can say why we were busy.  You know the drill every day life can be busy and get in the way, dang-it!  As you all know when this happens everyone jumps into survival mode and we all plug along...we'll we are guilty for sure.

NEWS:  Our studio is now home to the "Sugar Shack Sisters," a group of ladies who meet regularly with a motto of  "no kids, no men, no dogs, and be nice! 

Yes, we all are committed (in many ways) to our respective spouses/partners, kids and dogs, and we love them all, but not in the studio, cause it is for "chicks" only), and "yes" we get into some real stitch'in and bitch'in, but we like it that way!  It all helps with the creative process!

We're putting together an update of what  we've all been up to over the past while (okay, we know it's been awhile, again be nice, no yelling...unless it comes along with some sweet treats...then we'll let yah wail til the cows come home) and well post it shortly.

Hugs from everyone at the ....

Maple Garden Quilting Studio
...home of the Sugar Shack Sisters

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