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Sunday, 13 October 2013

I Won, I won - yes I'm doing the "happy dance"

My lucky lucky win... a fabulous door prize made and donated by Bonnie for the FVMQG Meeting....

Bonnie, here is your fab table runner on our dining room table. We used it as our centre piece for our Thanksgiving Dinner tonight and our guest's loved it.

I am still doing the "happy dance" on my win.  I feel so lucky.  You are a very talented lady and I will cherish this table runner forever!!!!

Here is the back of the table runner for everyone to check out her fantatic quilting. The back is a design and picture in itself. 

Sorry I just can't seem to get this picture the correct landscape way, so it's portrait, but you get the idea.  the quilting is amazing as I mentioned.

I hope you all like it too, and again  a big big "THANKS YOU" to BONNIE!


PS: I'll be looking forward to crossing my fingers for the win, when she donates another door prize for sure.


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